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Going Deeper, Weird & Wonderful What is Quickie sex?

This time Thiloyarmay would like to talk about “quickie sex” to expand our bros’ and sis’ sexual related knowledge. “Quickie” is different from your normal basic sexual practice.

What is a “quickie” and how is it different from other normal sexual positions like missionary –with your legs pulled in?

Smooching of two lovers ending up with having intimacy on tables, on the basin in the kitchen, in the car, or anywhere could be classified as a “quickie”. It might sound unfamiliar in Myanmar but it definitely isn’t a strange thing. But quickie is not about the position — its about the time.

When both partners are sexually aroused and only have 15 to minutes (or less), it is ok to do “quick sex” with most of your clothes on. Even then there are a few factors that our bros and sis need to know before putting this into practice. They are:

  1. Location needs to be fine, secure, and at the least comfortable

Both of you are sexually aroused but it isn’t good idea to have a “quickie” anywhere you want. Hence, the location needs to be secured and private, only then you will be able to have sex in safety. When the location is ready, it is time to move onto next step.

  1. Sexually aroused but rushing to penetrate could hurt you

For ladies dating with men who are fast to get an erection, sometimes you might find that you are not ready while he is already fully erect. Hence, you should keep lubricants like Kiss Easy-Jel handy and only then there will be no problem. That’s why lubricant is an essential item in this case.

  1. Don’t rush to penetrate

Bros who are inconsiderate of women’s mood and rush to penetrate aren’t likely to have a second chance. What we mean is that no matter how rushing you are, do spend 5 minutes on foreplay out of the limited time that you’ve got. Only then, both of you will be sexually aroused and have wonderful moments together.

  1. “Give head” to each other

Before your “quickie”, you could give head to please your sexual partner as part of foreplay. “Quickie” doesn’t only mean penetrative sex so having penetrating sex or not after giving head is up to you. It would be ok as long as you can play along.

  1. Don’t forget to use a barrier

Whether you guys are having ordinary sex or a “quickie”, you’d better use barriers like Kiss and Mojo condoms in order to be protected from sexually transmitted infections and prevent unwanted pregnancy. If not, ladies should use other types of reliable contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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