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Ask Dr. Deep : Things to know before taking daily oral pills!

For a woman with regular sexual activity either with her boyfriend or her marriage partner, the thing what concern her most will be having unexpected pregnancy. When it comes to contraception, there are many options to choose from.

There are two types of daily oral pills- contraceptive pills with only one hormone and contraceptive pills with 2 hormones. Lydia’ Rosa and Fine include 2 hormones-estrogen and progestin whereas Lydia’s Lacta includes only hormone-progestin.

Whichever one Lydia ladies choose, ladies need to know following 4 factors in choosing daily contraceptive pills.

  • Do you want effectiveness? Take it at the same time.

Daily oral pills can prevent pregnancy up to 99%. According to researches, women who don’t take pills at the same time or who forget to take it are likely to get pregnant 1% more than women who take pills at the same time. Hence, if Lydia ladies want to prevent pregnancy effectively, ladies need to take it at the same time regularly.

  • Period and mood swings

There might be late period or irregular period cycle during the first month of your intake. However, ladies will get used to it after a certain period so Lydia ladies don’t need to concern about it. Some women might have mood swings but it might not happen to women who are used to taking daily oral pills.

  • Acnes problems will be solved

It not only prevents pregnancy but also clears away acnes and skin problem. Some women who take daily oral pills will find that their acnes problems are reduced after taking daily oral pills for a certain period. It is because of including hormones in daily oral pills.

  • Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of daily oral pills is that it can cure PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Its symptoms includes irregular period for long, excessive hair growth, and sudden weight lost or weight gain. This syndrome can be cured by taking daily oral pills regularly.

Disadvantage of daily oral pills includes having stomach ache, stomach pain, chest pain, headaches, sleepiness due to hormones include in daily oral pills. However, those kinds of minor health problems can be easily solved by your doctor.

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