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Ask Dr. Deep : Thin Thin’s Experience of Lydia Fine

My name is Thin Thin and I am 27 years old. I am a newlywed housewife. As a housewife, I have many house chores to do and I also need to have a thought about contraception.

Among different types of contraceptive methods, recently I have chosen daily oral pills. I have many reasons behind choosing daily oral pills as contraceptive method for me.

The first thing is that even though many married women use 3 months injection as contraceptive method, for me I shudder at the thought of getting injection since I was young. People said I needed get shot only once in 3 months but I am still reluctant to use it for the time being.

Other methods are implantation (implant in the arm) and IUD (intrauterine device). They roughly work from 3 year, 5 year to 10 years and both my husband but I don’t wish to prevent pregnancy for that long. We have decided to have a child in coming 1 and half year to 2 year so we decide to use daily oral pills instead.

After choosing the contraceptive to use, there comes another question about choosing the brand as there are many brands in the market. Hence, we asked doctor who had opened clinic in our neighborhood about that. Doctor examined my health situation thoroughly and then she recommended Lydia Fine daily oral pills to me.

Lydia Fine a daily oral pills pack which includes 21 pills with hormone and 7 iron pills and 28 pills in total. When taken regularly at the same time, it can prevent pregnancy up to 99%. Moreover, I have irregular period problem, feel stomach aches and menstrual cramp before period. I was told that Lydia Fine has advantages like relieving period pain and making period regular.

Some ladies are afraid of forgetting to take daily oral pills. For me, when I first start taking it, I put Alarm on my phone and I also keep the pack it in my sight like keeping it in the small basket in front of mirror. Moreover, I also asked my husband to remind me to take pills. After one month, far from forgetting to take it, I am so used to it and don’t feel complete till I have taken my pills.

Now I have taken Lydia Fine for 3 months now and in coming 1 and half year, we have planned to stop taking the pill and have a child. If there are any newlywed housewives like me, please share with us about the contraceptive method you are using.

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