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My name is Thandar. I am a native of Pathein and I lived there till I passed tenth standard. After passing tenth standard, I discussed with my parents to continue my education in Yangon as my aunt lives there. That’s how I got to Yangon and became a university student at Dagon University majoring in English.

During my school days, I passed my first and second years attending classes, sitting at Canteen with friends, sitting for tutorials and exams. However, during my third year, I got to meet with my darling due to my friends’ matchmaking. He is one year older than me so he was a final year student when we met. Hence, we became lovers in that way. After dating for one year and half, he finished school and started looking for work and I continued my study.

When I finished school, I started looking for a job in Yangon. By that time, he was already a staff at company. I kept on looking for jobs and at last I got a job as teacher in private school. During our dating period, we had fights and then we made up. After a certain period, we saved some and were ready to set up a family. So we got married and rented an apartment in Yangon. In that way we started out marital life together.

In the early years of our marriage, I was busy with work and house chores and I didn’t feel like having a child.  Hence, I had to look for a suitable contraceptive method and it drove me crazy. In regard of finding suitable contraceptive method, I kept asking people and also looked for it online. There I found Thiloyarmay website. At Thiloyarmay website, I could learn about knowledge related to reproductive health, sexual education and contraceptive methods.

Among contraceptive methods posted on Thiloyarmay website, I think daily oral pills would suit me and I consult about it with my doctor. Hence, my doctor recommends me to take Lydia Rosa (28 pills) which is convenient to take. She told me that if I take it regularly at the same time, it can prevent pregnancy up to 98%. Hence, I make sure to take my Lydia Rosa regularly at the same time.

Now I pass my days doing work and doing house chores. We will get a child when both of us are ready. If you want to know all about contraceptive methods which play an important role in marital life, I recommend you to look up for it on Thiloyarmay website.

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