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Going Deeper, Weird & Wonderful The more you have sex, healthier you will be

Last week Thiloyarmay has talked about ways to improve your performance on bed and this time we will tell you the benefits you will gain from having more sex with your loved one.

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For skillful performers on bed, reasons to have more sex are-

(1)Sex can help lower Men’s risk of prostate cancer

According to researches, men who have sex more than 12 times per month has a 20 percent reduction in their prostate cancer risk than men who have sex only 4 to 7 times per month. Hence, bros who want to be in good health should have more sex and lowers your prostate cancer risk.

  1. Sex helps your penis perform

According to a study published in American Journal of Medicine, men who have more sex are half likely to develop erectile dysfunction than men who have sex less often. Men with fast ejaculation should try out this method and have sex frequently.

  • It can prevent heart disease

Whether you are married or in living together relationship, having sex regularly will be a kind of exercise for you. When you do exercise regularly, it can prevent obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and having sex regularly can prevent the rate of cardiovascular disease and heart attack as well. However, men with cardiovascular problems in the past should wait to have sex until their heart issue has turned to normal.

(4) It makes your relationship better

Are you having frequent fight with your loved one? If so, just kiss her passionately and show your skill. Men who have sex frequently with their loved one have more time to have frank conversations. Hence, it can increase the attachment between you two and have more faith in each other.

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