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Sex Conversation

Here are some ways to help you and your partner begin the sex conversation:

  • Talk about what scares you, what excites you and what you expect. Listen to your partner’s thoughts and feelings about sex as well.
  • Discuss how you’re going to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Explore Contraceptive Methods if you are looking for more information on different methods that are available to you.
  • If you have been sexually active in the past, go to a clinic and get tested for STIs

Even if you have had sex before, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you were ready. If you feel uncomfortable at all, it’s okay to say no and have your partner respect your decision. On the other hand, if you partner puts up the stop sign, make sure you respect their decision. Regardless, talk it out!
Very few people get sex right on the first try and it can take years for a person to figure out what they like. Whether you continue on or not, the most important thing is for both you and your partner to feel safe and comfortable.

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