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Female Orgasm

For women, a number of things happen as sexual arousal triggered in the brain increases blood flow to the genital area. The vagina becomes lubricated with fluid signaling the body is getting ready for sex. Due to the increased blood flow, the clitoris swells slightly and hardens, becoming more visible and sensitive to touch. As sexual arousal continues and increases, the outer third of the vagina tightens and the opening becomes a little smaller. As a women gets close to having an orgasm, the clitoris becomes more sensitive and retracts, which means it becomes less visible.

Some people think that orgasms are only felt by men, but women definitely have them too! Orgasms for women are just not as straightforward as they are for men. Unlike men, women may or may not have fluid released when they orgasm. The orgasm is a series of 3 to 15 contractions of the muscles around the vagina that cause a woman to feel intense pleasure. Although sex usually involves the vagina for women, only 25% of women consistently have orgasms from vaginal stimulation only. For the majority of women, having an orgasm requires some form of stimulation of the clitoris or clitoral area. Remember, the clitoris has a concentration of 8,000 nerve endings–more than any other body part in a man or woman. Stimulating this part of the body can cause some serious pleasure!

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