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Going Deeper, Weird & Wonderful Sex Positions From KonBoung Dynasty

Draw from history to further spice up your future moments of intimacy. Here are 6 sex positions from konBaung Dynasty to try tonight!

Deep thrusts with a clear visual of your partner’s face (and breasts).
Be “worshipped” (or do the “worshipping”), the orgasmic sensation of oral stimulation.
Do her (or him) sideways — the deeper the thrusts, the tighter the lust.
Squeeze it tight and let him glide.
The classic doggie never fades away — timeless and sexy, do you do it this way?
Let her (him) scream while you get to your game. Be on your knees and hear your name.
Cuddle it tight and never let go, let her (him) moan and let the neighbours know.
If scissors don’t cut, yours push just might. Enjoy the view while you enter her on your side.
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