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Ask Dr. Deep : Moe Moe Recommendation to cure Premenstrual Syndrome

During her regular office days, Moe Moe has made friends with Thazin from partner office and now calling to Thazin as she misses her. Before Covid-19 pandemic, the two of them usually hang out together after office hours and now they haven’t seen each other since the start of it.

Thazin- Hello!

Moe Moe- Hello Thazin! It is me, Moe Moe!

Thazin- Um Ma Moe! You call me only now. You have left me and I have been missing you. Uhh.. Arr Arr

Moe Moe-  We haven’t met for a long time and you haven’t changed a bit. You do like speaking endearingly. What’s wrong? Why are you groaning?

Thazin- Sis, I am having PMS premenstrual syndrome and the pain is so awful.

Moe Moe- You have been taking contraception pill as your husband is at home right.

Thazin- Yes, you are right sis. He hasn’t gone back to his ship yet and I have been taking contraceptive pill. Why?

Moe Moe- Aww, I think I could help your problem.

Thazin- That would be great sis! Arr…

Moe Moe- The pain might quite awful. What contraceptive method do you take?

Thazin- The one my husband bought for me.

Moe Moe- Ok then! In that case, I would suggest you one medicine. It is the contraceptive pill but it is very suitable for people like you who have PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Thazin- Well ma Moe, I am so interested.

Moe Moe- Right! If so, take a good note of its name- “Lydia Rosa”.

Thazin- Lydia Rosa!

Moe Moe- Yes, right! Lydia Rosa can be used not only as contraceptive pill but can also be used to relieve PMS and suitable for people like you who have PMS premenstrual pain during certain days of menstrual cycle. There are 28 pills in one Lydia Rosa pack. It has 21 white pills which include Norgestrel 0.3 mg and Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 mg and 7 brown pills which include 75 mg. Now I have enlightened you.

Thazin- Wow.. that is so cool! What takes you so long to tell me that!

Moe Moe- Girl.. you told me about your problem only now and I told you about the pill as soon as I knew it.

Thazin- Hee Hee you are right! Sis, it is because the pain is awful. Now it is cramping again. Arr Arrr

Moe Moe- Stop groaning. Now do what you have to do.

Thazin- Um… I am in pain and what do you want me to do.

Moe Moe-  What do you want to do? I mean you should hang up phone by now and ask your husband to buy Lydia Rosa right away.  Do I have to tell you each and every little thing?

Thazin- That’s right. If so, bye bye Ma Moe! I am going to ask him to buy now.

Moe Moe-  Do take care in going out!

Thazin- We will. You too take care.

Moe Moe- Let’s meets when this pandemic is over.

Thazin- Of course, sis! We will. Tar Tar sis! I am going to ask my hubby to buy “Lydia Rosa” for me.

Moe Moe- Bye Bye Thazin!

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