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Going Deeper Low Level of Male Sex Hormone

It is not wrong to say that Testosterone hormone in other words male hormone is an essential hormone for grown-up male sexual performance.

When men reach puberty, their sexual organ will develop, deeper voice, hair growth due to testosterone hormone and when they grow older, this hormone will support for bone and muscle strength.

Generally, as the man grow older, level of male hormone in their body drops gradually and hence, symptoms of low male hormone levels are mostly found in men who are 45 years and above. However, young men can also have low male hormone levels and causes are-

  • Injured to sexual organ at younger age
  • Getting cancer treatment or getting chemotherapy
  • Obesity
  • Having high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Having HIV/AIDS
  • On medication for depression
  • Excessive drinking and smoking
  • People who have high blood pressure due to stress have low male hormone levels too.

Symptoms of low male hormone levels

(1). Fast ejaculation and sexual dissatisfaction

(2) Excessive hair fall and getting bald

(3) Loss of bone mass

(4) Shrink of male sex organ and no ejaculation (no semen)

(5) Moody

(6) Insomnia can be experienced.


Doctors recommend people with low male hormone in mild level to change life style and food intake. However, people with severe symptoms receive Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in the form of oral medication or injection.

Hence, one can prevent low male hormone levels by using natural methods; changing life style and food intake. You can increase male hormone levels naturally by eating red meat, different types of eggs, tuna fish, milk and dairy products, drinking in moderate.

Reference; urologyhealth.org

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