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Relationships Is there any connection between Love & Sex?

In human’s life, when people fall in love whether with opposite sex or same sex, the thing that comes together with love is sex.

. For married people, love and sex coming together is a common thing but for people in relationship, the connection between love and sex become a questionable thing.

For couples in these days, it is common to have intimacy whey they start a relationship or start dating. However, when one gives a serious thinking about it, one will see that they are two different matters. Couples who are going through their dating period without having any intimacy will be proof of that.

Love is an emotional thing whereas it is possible to have sex without any love emotion. To clarify it, sex needs consents from both partners. Hence, in relationship, there is no reason for men to ask for intimacy from their girlfriends and it is fine for ladies to say “No”. There is no word like “Forcing” in love dictionary so you’d better know any-one sided thing that relates to forcing isn’t love.

However, for couples who are faithful to each other and when both parties consent to have intimacy, then there shouldn’t be any problem.  Even then it wouldn’t make sense, if they blame each other when there is any problem. It would be silly to blame each other as they are grown up and it is their choice. Hence, if you decide to have intimacy without getting married, first you need to have a serious thinking about its consequences and effects from society. Then prepare to accept for it.

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