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Ask Dr.Deep How do ladies reach orgasm?

At Thiloyarmay, Dr. Deep was frequently asked why women are difficult to reach orgasm whether during masturbation or during intimacy.

Topic like this would be hushed and asked in private for quite a long time in the conservative country like ours.

When you think about it, you will see that we are brought into this word owing to sexual intimacy. It is normal to be shy in regard of sex to a certain amount but people should have knowledge about sex education appropriate to their age. So let what is reaching orgasm in masturbation or in intimacy and why it is difficult for our ladies’ information as it is common for grownup person to experience that.

Reaching orgasm mean, you reach to the sexual climax during masturbation or during intimacy and sexually satisfied. In this case, men would eject when they reach orgasm while in ladies only their pelvic muscles will be tightened when they reach orgasm and it would be hard to tell. Some ladies would have liquid coming out of their vagina but different women different reaction to reaching orgasm. Medically the difficulty in reaching orgasm in ladies is called Anorgasmia.

Generally causes behind Anorgasmia is that the person in question is suffering chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and brain nerve diseases and getting treatment for that. As a consequence, she might have difficulty in reaching orgasm during intimacy. Having to take pills for high blood pressure and taking treatment for depression or allergy could effect in reaching orgasm as well. Moreover, there is the study that ladies who smoke and drink are more prone to Anorgasmia than who do not smoke and drink. This type of problem cannot be solved with taking certain medicine and living in certain lifestyle. One needs to know first about the real cause behind the problem. The easiest way for ladies’ sexual satisfaction would be their men.
During intimacy, men should be aware about ladies’ like and preference and fulfill their desire for sure. Speaking of that, men should do foreplay patiently and then ask her how she likes to have intimacy and try to reach orgasm together. If the problem isn’t solved in that way, you should have an open discussion with doctor. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about it.

Let Dr. Deep tells you that having discussion with doctor as a couple and getting sex Therapy could solve the problem of women not reaching orgasm.

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