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Going Deeper, Weird & Wonderful How Can I Know If I’m Pregnant or not

Married women or women in living together relationship, at time there might be time to wonder whether if you are pregnant or not. When women are pregnant, they undergo mental and physical changes more or less.

This time Thiloyarmay will talk about early pregnancy symptoms.

Symptom (1) Missed period

This pregnancy symptom is common with many people. When a lady is pregnant, she stops having period. Hence, when period doesn’t come as usual, ladies wonder and get worried if they are pregnant or not. However, stress and changes in bodyweight can cause late period also. So it is hard to say that a lady is pregnant from looking at this symptom alone.

Symptom (2) Changes to the breast

When a woman is pregnant, her breasts will become tender, swollen or changes in the size. Moreover, the area around the nipple may change to a darker color.

Symptom (3) Fatigue

During pregnancy women would feel tired from even doing small little things and easy to get tired. It is because of the increasing level of progesterone hormone in their body. Increasing level of progesterone level causes low blood pressure and low sugar lever which can make you feel tired.

Symptom (4) Vomiting

Not all women but most of the women experience indigestion, uneasiness and vomiting as the early sign of pregnancy.

Symptom (5) frequent urination

Another common sign of pregnancy is frequent urination and incontinence. It is because during pregnancy your uterus gets wider due to hormone changes and it presses on the bladder.

Above mentioned factors are 5 early pregnancy symptoms. The most reliable way to check pregnancy is using Pregnancy test and it is best to use Pregnancy test even when you have early pregnancy signs.

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