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Ask Dr.Deep Having Sex as a Gay Guy

When it comes to having intimacy with opposite sex, most of the people know how to be protected from sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

But still there is another type of intimacy that is having sex as a gay guy.

Hence, let Thiloyarmay tell our bros things they need to know before having sex with the same sex. The first and most important thing is to use condom (barrier) every time you use dick. Couples of opposite sex use condom to prevent unwanted pregnancy and you might think it isn’t necessary to use condom for the same sex as there isn’t any risk of pregnancy. However, it is totally wrong to think that way. The main intention of using condom for intimacy with same sex is to be protected from sexually transmitted infections. Hence, bros don’t forget the slogan “Use barrier for safer and better sex”.

Now, here comes the second fact. For the intimacy with same sex, there are only 2 types- oral sex and anal sex. No matter which type you use for intimacy, there still are risks more or less. When one has oral sex or anal sex, there are risks of being infected with sexually infected infections like gonorrhea, syphilis and there is also danger of contracting diseases through penis skin. Hence, international sexual health professionals suggest people to use condom both for oral sex and anal sex. It might be a little bit inconvenient to have oral sex while wearing condom but it is still worth to put in effort when comparing with contracting diseases.

The last factor is for couples, who like sex toys. Even though not many people in Myanmar use sex toys now, there still are people who use toys to enhance sexual pleasure. Bacteria and virus might be left on toys after use. Hence, if one keeps on using them without cleaning, there is the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. So bros who like using sex toys should clean them with spirit after each use. Moreover, if that sex toys can use while wearing condom then I suggest you to use it with your condom on.

Bonus Tips…

Unlike couples with opposite sex, couples with same sex might face with friction (tightness) problem. Hence, bros who would like to have a smooth intimacy with same sex could rely on lubricant, the savior.

Hence, you will see that condom and lubricant play an essential role in all 3 factors so let us introduce you guys with Kiss Duet with which you can have the kind of intimacy you dream about. KISS DUET is water based condom and it comes together with lubricant so you don’t need to look for lubricant anymore. Now, with KISS DUET, you are ready to have a lovely intimate night with your loved one.


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