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Ask Dr. Deep : Does being overweight affect the effectiveness of birth control?

When it comes to birth control and body weight, not all methods are created equal. There’s a lot of talk about being overweight or obese and how it can affect people’s health in all kinds of ways. But does body fat matter for birth control? Good news first: it doesn’t matter for most methods, including the IUD, the implant, the shot, and condoms. These methods are all effective for women of any weight. Now the bad news: weight definitely matters for emergency contraceptive pills, and we don’t know for sure whether it matters for the commonly used oral contraception pill. Therefore, using an effective method of birth control can be especially important for overweight women who don’t want to be pregnant.  The implant and IUD are both excellent choices in these cases. Of course, if you’re concerned about this issue, you should get a personalized recommendation from your health care provider.

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