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Ask Dr.Deep Condom Vs Emergency Contraceptive Pill

In these days condom and emergency contraceptive pills are familiar with many people. Even though their function is the same which is preventing unwanted pregnancy, there still are differences between condom and emergency contraceptive pill that people should know.


  • Condom like Kiss and Mojo has to put on male sexual organ before intimacy and it acts as barrier in preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Speaking of effectiveness, when male condom is used properly, it can prevent pregnancy up to 98%.
  • Condoms are made of latex, plastic, lambskin and condoms made of latex are most available in the marker.
  • Different flavored condoms are available in the market and condom is an affordable contraceptive method.

Emergency contraceptive method

  • Well known emergency contraceptive method like Lydia 1Safe Pill has to be taken by women after having unprotected sex so as to prevent pregnancy.
  • Emergency contraceptive pill includes Levonorgestrel hormone.
  • The sooner ladies take emergency contraceptive pill after having intimacy; the more effective it will be in preventing pregnancy.
  • If it is 2 emergency contraceptive pills, it can be taken as 2 separate doses 12 hours apart.
  • Ladies might experience dizziness and headache as it includes hormone. Ladies need to take new pill if there is vomiting within 2 hours after taking the pill.
  • Ladies shouldn’t take emergency contraceptive pills more than 4 times per month and it shouldn’t be taken daily.


Using condom for intimacy can prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections as well whereas using emergency contraceptive can prevent pregnancy only.

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