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Is there any couples trying to married on this thadinyut.

You might be ready to be a married life but might not be ready to take a baby for instant. So you might need to try out some birth control option that will suit with you to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some people think that using contraceptive methods make them gaining weight and hard to get pregnancy when they want. So don’t worry for this issue facing newlywed as we are highlighting that issue in this article.


1. Copper IUD

This method is not only for mothers! The copper IUD is 99% effective and requires very little work, making it great for a busy newlywed. Plus, as soon as it is removed, your fertility is returned. It’s hormone free method and lasts between 5 and 10 years, depending on type. Pro tip: Have the IUD inserted a couple months before your wedding to give your body time to adjust to this method. Learn more about IUD


2. OCP

Birth Control Pills. Pills are super accessible and easy to start or stop at any time. You can get a pregnancy easily when you stop taking. It’s 99% effective if taken perfectly; 91% effective with typical use. Can reduce menstrual cramps and PMS. Learn more about OPC


3. Implant

The implant is a progestin-only tiny 3.5 cm long rod that’s inserted into the upper arm. It lasts for 3 years, it’s more than 99% effective and you can get one before you leave the hospital! It’s easy to get pregnancy when removed. (Implants are not as common in Myanmar, so if interested, check with your doctor if this method is available at your hospital). Learn more about implant.


4. Condoms

Condoms may not be associated with married life, but they should be! If you’re not sure how soon you want to have kids, condoms give you flexibility and can add variety to your sex life with scents and textures. Learn more about condom

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