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Penile cancer or cancer of penis is a type of cancer that occurs on the skin of penis or in the penis. It is rare but it is related to Reproductive Health and men should be aware of it.

Common symptoms of Penile Cancer

Symptoms like-

  • A rash or small crusty bumps on your penis and injuries take longer than normal in healing
  • Bleeding from sores, bumps (or) abnormal bleeding from genital
  • Smelly discharge (fluid) and blood
  • Area of penis skin becoming thicker or changes in the colour
  • Reddish rash on the penis might be experienced.

Causes behind penile cancer

Generally there is no exact cause for penile cancer but it is more common in men, who are infected with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like HIV, heavy smoker, have a weakened commune system. People of those types are at higher risk of penile cancer than ordinary people.

Treatment for penile cancer

Doctors give treatments depending on the growth and spreading of cancer cells. First there will be biopsy test to check for cancer cells then there will be Radiotherapy and Chemo Therapy.

Penile Cancer Prevention!

There is no exact way to prevent penile cancer but following tips can lower your risk.

  • Reduce smoking as much as you can
  • Keep your penis clean
  • Use condom for each and every intimacy so as to be protected from sexually transmitted infections.
  • If rashes, sores and injuries on penis don’t heal within a month, go and see doctor as soon as possible.
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