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Going Deeper 8 ogres to watch out for- Trichomoniasis

Thiloyarmay has presented about the 8 ogres (8 sexually transmitted infections) for the past months and the last ogre that we will be presenting is the ogre named Trichomoniasis.

It is caused by an infection with a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas Vaginalis. It is a common sexually transmitted infection and it can be cured completely. This infection is more common in women than in men. Hence, symptoms can be found only in women and symptoms don’t occur in infected men.

How is it spread?

Most of the sexually transmitted infections spread through skin contact from an infected person. In women, it causes an infection in the vagina, uterus and urethra. In men, it only happens in the urethra.


Symptoms in both men and women are pain during urination, burning during urination and frequent urge to urinate. In men, there will be blood and abnormal liquid discharge from the urethra. In women, there will be vaginal discharge which is colored and frothy with unpleasant smell.

Treatment and how to prevent trichomoniasis?

Use a condom like Kiss and Mojo for each and every sexual intercourse in order to be protected from sexually transmitted infections. People with multiple sex partners are at high risk of contraction so it is better to have intimacy only with people whom you have dated for a certain period or is confident of not having the infection.

For treatment, it can be cured completely with antibiotics according to a doctor’s prescription. However, as infected people are likely to contract it again, it is best to have regular screenings even after you are completely cured.

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